5 Best Cycling Gear of 2019

best cycling gear

People always question about what types of equipment, gears to wear during outdoor cycling. There are some vital equipment that is a must for outdoor cycling but are often considered as trivial. Where in reality, the only trivial aspect of those is their prices.  Not only do these “minor” products enhance the experience of the cycling but also assure of being the right hand to the rider and also ensuring their safety. 

1. Bicycle Speedometer

This is a cycling LCD computer that presents the speed of the bicycle just like the ones that we have in our vehicles. But apart from the speed, this device displays the distance traveled, the time of the trip, the number of calories burnt, the current time and date of the location. While all of this seems like a complete package in itself, this isn’t all that the product has to offer.

It consists of a

1) maintenance reminder so that the rider can never go wrong with the performance of the bicycle.

2) A stopwatch to have your own competitions

3) Current temperature with the maximum and average speed

4) A special night-light feature that adjusts its brightness according to the requirements.

And, is easy to use, with being durable and portable.

2. Safety Tail Light

The bicycle tail lights are as necessary as the headlights of a normal vehicle. These tail lights make the presence of the bicycle on the road known. Therefore, protecting the rider from severe harms or accidents that can otherwise take place.

The above-shown tail light uses the battery as its power supply and is made of VYI plastic.

3. Zoomable Flash Light

Just like the taillights, and in fact more vital, is a flashlight for the bicycle. This equipment is definitely the best gear for cycling.

Flashlights ease up the front view of the road or track or whatever path the rider is following.

The maximum brightness of the above-shown flashlight is 2300 lumens giving it an amazing high-quality beam. With this, the rider can see up to a distance of 200-500 m. It includes adjustments like high light, low light, and strobe for the rider’s personal requirement.

Just fit the tool on your handlebar and you’re good to go!


4. Soft Leather Cycling Gloves

When riding a bicycle, protecting one’s body is a must. While things like helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, etc are worn properly, what about the hands?

The hands are the main controllers of the activity and hence they too need to be protected from the blistering wind. One of the best gears for cycling is a cycling glove.  

In the cold weather, the rider needs something for his hands that is light, comfy, warm and wonderfully effective at the same time. The leather gloves ensure just the same with remarkable heat preservation and hand feel. They work like a blanket on the seat of the cycle. They are made of anti-skid silicone palm material and are very good to use.

5. Nylon Bicycle Bag

Now for our final gear, the best gear for cycling, the bicycle bag. This nylon made the bag is super light, super handy, and a supremely efficient product for professionals and all the kinds of cyclists. When a rider takes his cycling trips, expecting him to carry a backpack without disturbance is vapid. The backpacks are good for everything but just aren’t fit to be a part of a cycling trip. If we talk about slings, then we should probably stop talking.

Slings are an unbearable obstacle for pedaling. Therefore, bicycle bags. Made purposely for the sport, easy to handle and side facing so as to cause no interruptions. They are even spacious and can carry all that you need during the activity.

The above mentioned are the best gears for cycling and are very significant for the sport.

So, the next time you’re riding a cycle, you know what to keep in hand!


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