5 Simple Ways to Escape From Everyday Life - And Enjoy Life

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Escape Boredom. Go Outside.   

Are you a professional working for a company from morning 8AM to evening 8 PM, getting orders from your boss, and stuck in controlled life ? 

Millions of people, just like you, are living this life everyday. They feel cramped in a box and defeated in life. 

I can see you already feeling the pain and frustration to go through this everyday in your life. Don’t go away, I wanted to show you 5 different ways you can escape from this dull, sick and tired life.   

Plan an outdoor trip

If you have friends who enjoy camping, plan a trip and go away for the weekend. Unplugging yourself from the real, everyday world for a while will leave you more rested than before. Also, camping is another word for adventure, and you need adventure to break the monotony of routine.

Do a solo cycling trip

If you have a cycle, plan for a weekend cycling trip to the nearby cities or towns. It will be more desirable to pick a path that has a beach or back water while riding. 

Challenge yourself for a long ride in the north of 25 to 30 kms so that you will feel accomplished or achieved in your challenge. Taking a long ride will help you forget your everyday work, have some time for yourself and enjoy all the natural beauty in your path. 

Get out of the city and go hiking

If you’re living anywhere remotely near a city in India, there is a pretty good chance that you will get consistent cell service everywhere, all the time. Having a cell service makes it difficult to actually disconnect from your everyday activities with the notifications that keep coming up on your phone. 

Consider getting out of the city. Go for a day hike. Go somewhere where literally you can’t answer emails or receive notifications. Hiking can also have many benefits such as boosting your creativity, burning calories to keep you fit and spending time with your friends. 

Go on a road trip 

Sometimes being spontaneous can be a way to escape from the regular everyday life. Travelling around in your car with people you love can not only make you feel more sporty but it also one of the perfect ways to make memories with people you love. So let the road take you where you least expect yourself to go and enjoy the journey. 

Take a Vacation and Get the Heck Offline

Science shows that we use and drain energy over the course of the work day and work year. Continuing to work without replacing the energy in your body will lead to stress, exhaustion builds in and cause disengagement (productivity plummets). 

Before this happens, you might want to consider taking a vacation once in a while. Being disengaged at work is the primary symptom for burnout. Burnout is a real thing and it’s best to kill it in the early stage before you’re so exhausted that you can’t work at all. 

So consider taking a vacation. Don’t just stay home from work and then do your work anyway. Even if you’re obsessed with getting things done, there is no doubt that you'll be more productive when you come back.


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