The Complete Guide to Buying a Bicycle

How to buy cycle

When you go shopping for a bicycle, how do you know that you have purchased the right bicycle for yourself? Your first decision must come from determining what type of bike you are looking out for. Luckily, to buy cycle online India, all you gotta do is some background research so that you can find the right type of bicycle you require!

These 3 simple steps will allow you to buy cycle online India:

Picking out the right bicycle for you

Road Bike

If your intention is to travel primarily on paved roads, choose a road bike as they have a strong back and has shock absorbers.

Mountain Bike

If you intend on hitting the mountain and the rocky trails, your best fit for this choice would be using mountain bikes as they have straight handlebars, proper suspension system that allows shock absorption and does not really go as fast as a road bikes hence giving you the complete control while going up or coming down the mountains.

Hybrid Bike

If you’re looking to switch between mountains and paved roads, ensure to look for hybrid bicycles. It offers some ruggedness of a mountain bike but the speed of a road bike. It allows the transition between mountain and road pavements smoothly.

Shopping for it in person

  • Always purchase such products from a reputed shop so in case of warranty or repair issues; you can always fall back on the dealer for assistance.
  • Ensure to check the quality, size of the tire and the fit of the bicycle. Sit and see if it is comfortable to maintain a good posture while riding the bicycle.
  • Hence, test-drive and see if you like the bicycle before making the purchase.

Few other things to keep in mind while purchasing a bicycle before you make the final decision:

  •  Deciding on what features you require.
  •  Measure yourself and accumulate inseam measurements to determine your approximate frame size.
  •   Research online and find out the reviews and comments people have shared for the model you are looking for.
  •  Check around of you have friends or other fellow cyclists with the same product and ask them for their opinions on the same.
  • Multiple online portals provide you with first-time sales and deals. Hence it is always best to keep an out for those incentives and offers. It is also important to buy cycle gear such as helmets, gloves, knee cap, etc.

Thus, while shopping for a bicycle on your own, gather some inputs prior to the purchase and it is always best to get these from knowledgeable staff at local bicycle shops and dealers. Take it for a test ride and to buy cycle gear do a little online research so that it can tell you about the suitability of your purchase.

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