Bicycle Speedometer



Are you feeling nervous for your next cycling event ? Are you worried racing in front of spectators, including friends and family, and possibly letting them down ? Petrifying.

Don't worry proper training tools like a bicycle speedometer will help you to train and be prepared for your next event. 

Mini, Wireless, Waterproof LCD Speedometer

  • Be Confident of Your Performance - Every metric you need to train yourself; current speed, trip distance, riding time, trip time, calorie consumption, current time and current date.
  • Your Personal Trainer - Improve your performance by beating your own speeds. Real time acceleration and deceleration alerts to control your speed. 
  • Visible During Your Night Rides - Turn on the night mode and have fun training at night time. 
  • Enjoy Long Service Life - Set reminder for oil maintenance for best performance and service life of your bicycle. 
  • Easy to Install - Less frustrations with easy to install design, portable and durable.  

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One of things you will be most excited about using a bicycle speedometer is to find out that you'd be cycling more faster than before. Seeing your average cycling speed slowly and steadily increase. .

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